CHI '12 (Note)

How do couples use CheekTouch over phone calls?

Young-Woo Park

Seok-Hyung Bae

Tek-Jin Nam


In this paper we introduce CheekTouch, an affective audio-tactile communication technique that transmits multi-finger touch gestures applied on a sender's mobile phone to a receiver's cheek in real time during a call. We made a pair of CheekTouch prototypes each with a multi-touch screen and vibrotactile display to enable bidirectional touch delivery. We observed four romantic couples in their twenties using our prototype system in a lab setting over five consecutive days, and analyzed how CheekTouch affected their non-verbal and emotional communication. The results of the user study showed that CheekTouch could effectively support audio-tactile communication in various ways - persuading, conveying status, delivering information, emphasizing emotion/words, calling for attention, and being playful.

Keywords: Affective communication; on-the-cheek interaction; multifinger touch; vibrotactile feedback; remote touch; mobile phone


Seok-Hyung Bae

Associate professor

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST
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