🏆 2021 ID KAIST Graduate Exhibition (Excellence Award)


Youmong Kim

Wall-through conversation assistance with live speech-to-text UX

What if our conversation content are displayed as text in real time when we talk over the transparent divider? Since transparent divider have been widely installed in public places, we often experience that the other person’s words are blocked by the screens when we talk with others through the divider. “Link-to-Talk” is a conversation assistance app that helps you better understand the other person’s conversation when you talk through the transparent divider. The Speech-To-Text (STT) function provides new type of conversational experience with a unique interface that shows real-time conversations as text and shows where the conversations are taking place with face emoji indicator. If you have a smartphone without any special equipment, there are no more transparent wall that can block our communication!

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST
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