🏆 2021 Winter/Spring URP (Excellent Award)

Beyond the Age of 10

Seung-Jun Lee

Development of an interactive software system for assisting perspective drawing education

Young children love to draw. However, by the age of 10, most of the children who begin to feel that their drawings are unrealistic give up drawing. This study developed an interactive software system for assisting perspective drawing education, called B10, for people who are stuck at the 10-year-old barrier because they did not have quality drawing education at the time they needed it. This study was conducted according to the following steps. First, we examined the papers in the human-computer-interaction (HCI) field related to software that helps users to draw well. Second, by analyzing the book written by Betty Edwards, a renowned expert of drawing education, and Scott Robertson, a renowned expert of perspective drawing, 8 core drawing skills were extracted. Third, we defined the easiest way to teach drawing through formative studies involving car sketches. Fourth, by combining the 8 core drawing skills and the lessons on car drawing, we designed and implemented the interface and interactions of B10, where the user can train drawing skills in the natural process of drawing a car.


CHI '22 (Late-Breaking Work)

An interactive car drawing system with Tick'n'Draw for training perceptual and perspective drawing skills

Seung-Jun Lee, Joon Hyub Lee, and Seok-Hyung Bae

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST
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