🏆 2013 Winter/Spring URP (Achievement Award)


Dahye Kim

Hosun Jeon

Shin Kim

PhoToonCookies: digital photo sharing of offline community through formatted storytelling

It is often necessary to collect the photos taken by individuals in an offline community. We suggest photo sharing through collaborative storytelling as a more effective and continual means of collecting the photos of an offline community. First, we observed that people naturally tell stories with printed photos when a photo wall is set up in a student lounge. We then conducted a workshop to verify that the 4-frame format facilitates photo-based storytelling, witnessing active participation and collaboration take place. Based on these observations, we implemented and initially tested a photo sharing system through 4-frame format storytelling, named PhoToonCookies. The results of the initial user test showed that PhoToonCookies helps collect the photos of an offline community and, furthermore, that photo-based storytelling can be a new co-creation of a community.

Department of Industrial Design, KAIST
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